Programa de Desarrollo Integral

Comprehensive Development Program (CDP 2016-2020)

This is the fourth Comprehensive Development Program –CDP- written by the Universidad de los Andes. It is enormously important for us, not only because it has helped us to devise a new ¨roadmap¨, but also because, in some way, it has made us speak a common language and work with a particular focus. It is fundamentally a synthesis of a large variety of contributions and many suggestions.

University Mission

"The Universidad de los Andes is an autonomous institution that is independent and innovative. It encourages pluralism, tolerance, and the respect for ideas. It strives for academic excellence and gives its students a critical and ethical education that will solidify in them an awareness of their social and civil responsibilities as well as a commitment to their country.

It has students who, within an environment that promotes comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and flexible teaching are the principal agent in their own education. This allows the teaching staff, who are highly qualified, to develop an academic life project and become outstanding professionals, which means producing research that contributes to the country’s development and its international projection."

Campus aereo
Campus Aéreo Nocturno

The university we want to be in 2025

A leading Latin American university in higher education that is driven by the principle of excellence, and is inclusive, diverse, caring, innovative, and internationally-minded. It has links with the regions and contributes to society with the quality and significance of its teaching and research-creation, and it has quality professionals, is capable of leadership, and its alumni are known for their ethics.

Challenges 2016-2020

The Universidad de los Andes is mainly committed to achieving a greater national impact, through regional presence and inclusion. Likewise, it bets on Internationalization with a strategic purpose for the institution and for the country also, interdisciplinary and collaborative work as a means to add value and innovation.

Challenges 2016-2020

Strategic Pillars

  • Academic Leadership
  • Visibility and Impact
  • Community and Institutional Culture
  • Sustainability and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Efficient and Flexible Physical Infrastructure

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